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Normally open and normally closed valves graphic colors


Pretty new at the graphic portion of delta v 11.3.1. I have a normally open valve but the graphic is responding like a normally closed valve. Am I missing something shouldnt there be a easy way to convert this graphic to have the color changes respond like a normally open valve. What i mean is the colors need swapped 100 percent is showing green and not allowing flow, while zero percent valve is showing red and showing flow. I need these to be swapped where they react differently. The control module seems to be working. Is there a quick and easy way to fix this. 

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  • It sounds like you have a control valve which isn't a display issue but an Increase to Close setting as you would always want 0% to be fully closed and 100% to be fully open. Where you have configured the Output DST assignment is where you would want to configure the increase to close.

    The parameter to configure this is called IO_OPTS and you would want to check the Increase to Close option. You want to configure this option where the output DST assignment is configured. If you check this box and the output DST is NOT assigned to the block, it does nothing. This option only affects the final signal being sent to the DST.

    If you do want to change there is a SharedTableName that you need to update. Most likely based on your description it is using frsVariables.DeviceControl_Color and you need to change this to be frsVariables.DeviceColor2_Color. Select your object and search for the table name and it should give you the references using and double clicking will take you to it so you can update (I think this works in v11 anyway)