Counting Loops not in Normal Mode

My business has a new KPI and wants to record how many process control loops are not in their correct operating mode. So to identify when the operator has a loop in man mode to much. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. DeltaV 11.3.1

I thought of using a new module in control studio to compare and count normal mode vs actual mode of all controllers but don't know if there's any better solutions.

  • Stuart,
    Have you looked at DeltaV insight? It will give you that type of information right out of the box.

    Easily identify underperforming control loops.
    Do you know how well your control loops are performing? Why fly blind when you can continuously monitor control performance and identify the best areas to focus resources for maximum plant efficiency? With DeltaV InSight, you can quickly identify abnormal control conditions such as wrong control mode, limited output, and high variability; identify malfunctioning devices that may cause control problems; and accurately pinpoint loops that need retuning with a model-based tuning index.

    from page 2 of the Product Data Sheet.

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    Thanks for the info Brian.
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    Brian, thanks for the reply, i am aware of InSight but a very expensive solution, especially having 4 deltav systems. Thanks anyway.
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    Stuart, we have done this using our PI historian, and an Excel addin for PI. There is a function "PITimeFilter" that we use to evaluate the % of time over a specified period where the historized mode is equal to the normal mode which is stored in an excel cell. Basically we have a list of all controllers, a column for the normal mode, and a column for the % time in normal. This works well for us because we have two DCS systems so we can combine all our reporting in one spreadsheet.
  • You could build a MODE display with this information, with PID loops in non-normal mode highlighted and have the operators track the number. This would make sure the operators are looking at PID modes each shift. Parameters MODE.F_ISTN (is Target = Normal) and MODE.F_ISAN (is Actual = Normal) make it simple to display non-normal modes (unfortunately, I don't think these parameters are available from OPC).

    Of course this only gives a snapshot value, using your historian and associated calculation tools would be needed to track the amount of time the loop is in an incorrect mode.