DeltaV PK Controller EIP To Wago 750-363

Has anyone successfully integrated a WAGO 750-363 Ethernet Coupler with various WAGO 750 IO cards attached?  In my case i have 3 thermocouple cards and a 4-channel AI card attached to the WAGO EIP coupler.  From the WAGO web browser tool it identifies the information required for the DeltaV EIP device configuration (highlighted items).  It also identifies where the device signal tags are located.  The following data was entered into my DeltaV configuration

Input Byte Size = 56

Output Byte Size = 0

Input Assembly Instance = 109

Output Assembly Instance = 101 

Configuration Assembly Instance  = 1

DeltaV diagnostics indicates Device No Comm.  My past experience with EIP this diagnostic error indicates the device configuration is wrong.  Any thoughts from anyone on what could be causing the issue?  My LBP found a call regarding WAGO and DeltaV but it was in regards to  Wago and Modbus TCP but the solution was that he WAGO needed an output card.    


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  • This sounds really familiar. I'm really interested in the replies to this
  • Based on what you have shared, it looks like it should work. That being said, I have found that sometimes wireshark will give better diagnostics as to why something can't communicate on an Ethernet IP network. It has built in support for Ethernet/IP packets and you can usually see the error message being returned by the device which will sometimes help figure out what might be configured incorrectly.

    Also, I see an EDD file download from the device.  That can also be used to validate the settings in DeltaV by examining the file.

  • In reply to Matt Forbis:

    Issue resolved. Since I was not using any outputs and my output byte size was Zero, needed to use instance 198 for the output assembly instance.
    Input size: 56
    Output size: 0
    Input Assembly Instance: 109
    Output Assembly Instance:198
    Configuration Assembly Instance: 1
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    I'm curious how you came up with 198 for the output assembly instance if your output size was 0
  • In reply to Michael Irwin:

    It was in the WAGO manual.  I overlooked it when I set it up.