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    • 13 Apr 2018

    More Efficient and Consistent Cheese Production

    While the snow continues to fall in the U.S. upper Midwest, the cheese producers will be gathering next week at the International Cheese Tech Expo . More than: …3,500 cheese industry leaders, suppliers, marketers and more will gather to share information about the latest in cheese technology, new products, whey opportunities, product safety, marketing and additional issues affecting our industry. As consumers...
    • 11 Apr 2018

    Reducing Operating and Energy Costs in Craft Beer Production

    Recently in a post, Optimizing Wort Sugar Concentration in Craft Beer Brewing , we highlighted the important role of measurement and control in the front end of the beer brewing process which converts malt into wort. Let’s continue down the production path through the fermentation process. Past the lauter tun, which we discussed in the prior post, is the brew kettle—the heart of the beer-making process. What...
    • 29 Mar 2018

    Optimizing Wort Sugar Concentration in Craft Beer Brewing

    In the U.S, a craft brewer or beer-maker, is defined as small, independent and traditional. A Fortune article highlighted the growth in craft brewing in the United States: As of the end of 2017, there were 6,266 craft breweries operating in the U.S., more than double the total from 2013—and a 16% increase from 2016. Just under 1,000 opened in 2017 alone (with 126 going out of business). This increasing competition...
    • 27 Sep 2017

    Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding for Packaging Applications

    Today on the final day of PACK EXPO 2017, Emerson’s Mike Mediana presented on the topic, Migrating from Traditional Package Sealing Technologies to Ultrasonics in Flexible Packaging Applications . Mike’s presentation focused on how consumer preference is driving the increasing demands for flexible packaging in the medical, consumer product, and food and beverage industries. He shared how ultrasonic sealing...
    • 26 Sep 2017

    Packaging Machine Operations with Zoned Safety

    At the PACK EXPO conference , Emerson’s Enrico De Carolis described the challenges packaging lines face in maintaining safety to keep operational personnel out of harm’s way and be compliant with stringent machine safety regulations. Despite ongoing pressure to reduce total incident rate (TIR), data from a 2016 report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reveals manufacturing accounted...
    • 25 Sep 2017

    Avoiding Contamination in Packaging Lines

    Having spent my career to date on the process manufacturing side of automation, it’s great to be at PACK EXPO , a conference for people involved in packaging products. A stroll down a supermarket aisle, electronics retailer or other consumer business shows how varied this packaging can be. The exhibition hall floor is filled with automated machines performing functions such as bottle filling and sealing; pouch...
    • 21 Sep 2017

    3 Ways to Improve Packaging Line Flexibility for Increased Production

    You only have to walk down a supermarket isle to appreciate the diversity in the packaged goods we purchase. What was once a choice of glass jars or cans for many products now includes re-sealable bags, individual packaged servings, packaging made with recyclable feedstock, etc. Consumers, with their busy on-the-go lives, are creating this demand for convenience. Manufacturers providing these packaged products are...
    • 9 Jan 2009

    Applying the ISA88 Model to Clean In Place Operations

    Every industry has its special jargon that is like a secret handshake. If you’re an insider, you can quickly spot the outsiders based upon their understanding of your industry’s jargon and acronyms. For instance, my background was in the offshore ...read more
    • 6 Nov 2008

    Controlling 3-Way Flow in Temperature Applications

    Emerson’s Fisher division recently announced a new three-way, temperature-control valve and actuator system. The release highlighted its potential use by process manufacturers: The new GX 3-way has the ability to accurately control the temperature ...read more
    • 13 Aug 2008

    Stainless Steel Transmitter Housings for Corrosive Environments

    Recently, one of my RSS feeds alerted me to a new Micro Motion 2400S transmitter packaged in stainless steel for the ELITE Coriolis flow and density meter line. This 316L stainless steel packaging is: Rated to IP66 and IP67, the corrosion resistant stainless steel housing is ideal for applications where instruments are subjected to regular caustic wash-downs, which are typically found in the food, beverage and life...