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I am currently using DeltaV Scheduler to run a DeltaV Operate VB script. Scheduler executes based on a deltav tag change of state (0 to 1).

Scheduler had been working great for a few weeks until today. Scheduler was not responding to the change of state of deltaV tag. DeltaV was toggling flag 0 to 1 over and over to try to trigger script, but script was not executing.  After I restarted deltaV operate, scheduler ran script just fine. I am assuming scheduler got hung up somehow. Looking for ways to troubleshoot.

Is there anyway to monitor scheduler status from DeltaV operate? Anyway to stop and start scheduler from Visual Basic / DeltaV operate?

Thanks for any help!


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  • Hi

    if you talking about the deltav reporter schedular then you can watch the schedular status from the in window - all programs- accessories you can search here .
    in deltav operate if you minimize everything in the background the schedular status will appear.


    Prashant M
  • I assume you mean the iFix scheduler. Yes there is a way to monitor schedules and stop and start them

    In configure mode open the schedule. By default the schedule window is set off screen (-500%) so you won't see it but it is now open.
    Right-click the schedule in the tree and select Property Window then change the WindowLeftPercentage and WindowTopPercentage to 0 %. Normally these are -500% . The schedule should appear.
    Right-click the schedule in the tree and select Scheduler Properties and on the Windows Properties tab select Always on Top.
    Save the schedule.
    Switch to Run and the schedule status screen will appear in front of DeltaV Operate. You should be able to resize it so you can see something of DeltaV Operate.