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RE: Coriolis ELITE series installed near transmission pump.

Dear All Experts,

I call back this old topics, because there's another queries related to Coriolis Elite.

1. Is it confirmed that there's no installation consideration regarding how many elbows on Coriolis Meter?, below is GA drawing for the coriolis meter we planned to install for you review.

GA Coriolis.pdf(pdf file)

2. Since  we planned to install coriolis on vertical orientation, what is the acceptable lifting points during installation?

on the manual, I just found the acceptable lifting points for horizontal installation only.

Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Faiz,

    Thanks for the inquiry.

    You are correct, there are no straight run requirements for the ELITE meters, so you can install them near elbows or other flow disturbances.

    As far as lifting the meter in order to install in a vertical pipeline, you can lift it from the side, but you will want to make sure you lift it around the center of gravity as indicated in Figure 2-2 (for a larger ELITE style meter). Once you install the meter, you should not have anything attached to the case, but you can lift it by the case. Here is a quick sketch of lifting from the side where the red lines indicate the approximate position of the straps.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Best Regards, Tonya

  • In reply to Faiz Faiz:

    Hi Faiz,

    The ELITE Coriolis meters are designed with extremely high immunity to outside influences. However, for best performance, the meter should only be supported by the piping and the flanges of the meter. You should not attach any kind of piping support to the sensor case. For further information, please check out our How to Video that talks specifically about installation of meters ( Here, it also shows that when you are lifting the sensor, you should never lift by the electronics or by a purge connection.

    Best Regards, Tonya