Connecting Micromotion Coriolis Meter RFT9712 to Prolink III (RS485)

Transmitter: RFT9712 without display

The density output of the flowmeter is stuck at 21 or 22mA regardless of the liquid flowing through the measurement tube. The flow output seems to work normally though. It could indicate an mA output saturation maybe but it not seem to be a critical alert present yet, as LED blinks 1 Hz interval

Emerson support recommended trying to troubleshoot by connecting the transmitter to Prolink III. The transmitter supports Hart RS485 when the jumper wire in the transmission board is set to RS485. 

I tried using the Connection Wizard in Prolink III but it would not let me link the RFT9712 device to the RS485 to USB converter. (See attached image)

The other devices did on the other hand let me drag a connection line between the device, converter and COM port. 

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