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Coriolis Meter ( Elite) Piping Support Adequacy


We purchase Elite coriolis meters for piping leak detection purpose. The meter is installed according to the above photo link

1. Is the pipe support sufficient for the meter

2. If the is pipe stress or displacement, can this effect be zerorised during meter calibration 

3. Is there guidance of max allowable nozzle load onto coriolis meter flange

4. Is there examples of successfully completed Elite flow meter in “flag” position?

We have minimal space to route the pipe and placed the support, thus this design was chosen

Thanking you in advance for your inputs

Regards, James 

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  • Hi James,

    Thank you for your questions regarding our ELITE Series Coriolis meters. Please see below for our responses:

    1. The meter does not require external supports, as the flanges will support the meter in any orientation.
    2. This is a rare situation, but in a case in which the mounting stress could cause a zero offset, the meter can be zero calibrated in the field.
    3. Please see the attached presentation for our guidelines on maximum allowable flange loads.
    4. Yes, installing the meter in a flag position with the process fluid (liquids) flowing upwards is one of our best practices. This position allows for optimal drainability and cleanability of the meter. For gases, we recommend the flow to be downwards. Please see this white paper regarding Coriolis meters for leak detection: https://www.flowcontrolnetwork.com/ext/resources/files/assets/whitepapers/FC-0611-MicroMotion_LeakDetection.pdf

    For more information, please see our ELITE Series Installation Manual here: https://www.emerson.com/documents/automation/installation-manual-elite-meters-en-64354.pdf

    For any additional questions, please contact us at Flow.support@emerson.com.

    Best regards,

    Ayuko Morikawa

     Max flange loads updated 2017.pptx

  • In reply to Ayuko Morikawa:

    Hi Ayuko,

    Thank you for your valuable reply.

    We understand that meter's support through pipe flange is acceptable.

    Based on our pipe flex check, the piping configuration will yield some displacement on Coriolis meter flange during operating condition (i.e. up to 2.5mm at top flange and 0.5mm at bottom joint from zero flow condition). The stress on meter flange is less than the allowable stress limit that you shared. Below schematic illustrates the displacement in 1D (pardon me for the poor hand dwg)

    Will the displacement affect the meter's performace?

    To achieve zero displacement on coriolis meter flanges, independent welded support is needed next to meter flange joints. Is this necessary?

    Looking forward to your reply and thanking you in advance for your further advice

  • I’d also add to use the zero verification tool, if by chance you have a model transmitter
  • In reply to Tom O'Banion:

    Sorry, model 5700 transmitter. FYI, our meters are very forgiving of installation vagaries.
  • In reply to Mea05key:

    Hi James,
    My apologies for the delayed response. Regarding your questions above, I have spoken with our Technical Support team and it seems that they are already assisting you. They are truly our Coriolis experts and will be able to answer any additional questions you have about your piping configuration. Thank you again for your questions regarding our ELITE Coriolis meters.

    Thank you,