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Coriolis ELITE CMFHC2M products made in China

Dear Micro Motion Coriolis experts,

We want to buy the Coriolis ELITE CMFHC2M model made in China, according to our laws requiring products originating from China to be certified by the International Legal Measurement Organization (OIML), or certified. Approval form of the country of manufacture.
So, please have Coriolis ELITE CMFHC2M products made in China? Previously, we purchased products from Micro Motion, Inc. is certified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTPE) and accepts Coriolis ELITE CMFHC2M products manufactured in the United States.
Thanks in advance

  • hello hoanganhngo,
    Yes, we manufacture the CMFHC2M model in China, and yes, it has been evaluated for use in both MID and OIML custody transfer applications for both liquids and gases. I recommend contacting our China Marketing Leader to be connected with a local sales engineer who can help you select an appropriate model for your application. Thank you for your interest in Emerson Flow Technologies!