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What If You Could Migrate Your Control System – Over Lunch?

 Upgrading and migrating a control system might be a question of choice – new technology can save you money and time – or a question of necessity – you have a malfunctioning system about to halt your operations or cause you regulatory fines and citations. Either way, one of the biggest questions a plant manager will ask is, “How much downtime and money will this migration cost?” Traditionally, migrations have required throwing out the old control system and software and starting over with a whole new installation and wiring, often shutting the plant down for days or weeks. In a new video, Darrell Halterman, senior product manager, discusses the remarkable ease and simplicity with which migrations can now be accomplished using Emerson’s PACSystems RX3i that allows reuse of 90% of the I/O modules from the previous system, plus the same wiring. Migrations can literally be accomplished “over lunch.”

Check out this interesting discussion and hear some case histories that will change your mind about upgrades and migrations of your control system.

How could a control system upgrade improve your operations?