Offshore Wellhead Company Reduces Flare Gas and Increases Sustainability with Carbon Offset Credits Using PACSystems Technologies

 As the drive for sustainability increases along with pressures to maintain or increase profitability, the need to take advantage of carbon credits likewise increases. In a recent case study, engineering systems integrator Drakken was selected for a project with a large oil and gas company to engineer an offshore wellhead monitoring project at the Gulf of Suez. The task was to collect, analyze and distribute information to earn carbon credits and, since the carbon credits would be generated from flare gas reduction, the company would have to quantify and verify the exact volume of equivalent greenhouse gas emissions reduced by the gas conservation equipment per the quantification methodology. This entails the need for continuous flare gas conservation data, so Drakken had to record standardized volumetric flow rates for the conserved gas and store it to the cloud application.

Tasked with providing a solution for data transfer from an energy meter, installed on a gas compressor, and flow meters to a remote cloud-based data management system, Drakken selected Emerson’s PACSystemsTM RX3i CPL410 edge controller, PACEdgeTM software, an RSTi-EP network adapter, communication card, digital input card for alarm signals, and QuickPanel+ HMI. To learn how Drakken was able to fulfill the requirements of this demanding project, read the full case study.

You’ll find additional information on the unique Emerson PACSystems CPL410 edge controller here.