Super-fast Installation of Production Supervision System in 115 Worldwide Plants Needs a Flexible, Modular, Scalable Software Platform – Case Study

 A global leader in industrial packaging launched a worldwide search for a software provider that could implement a unified and coherent production supervision and management system in 115 production plants globally. The manufacturer required a system that would allow a targeted investment with sustainable costs and, above all, velocity and installation standard. Another key goal was to obtain easy access to global or local data analysis by means of a cloud platform. After a false start with a North American software company, the manufacturer not only needed a fully integrated system that could meet its performance requirements, it also needed a partner that could implement and install the system fast. The company selected Emerson.

How this manufacturer was able to achieve a record-breaking installation time of 4-5 days for each of its 115 locations makes a very interesting case study. Read about it here.