DeltaV 11.3.1 OPC Server problem

Hi, encountered such a problem.
Began to appear in the event log Windows. Prosecc = FrsOpcDv. Error code = 0x00000001. The client can not read data from the OPC Server.

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  • Do you have an OPC client connected?  You can check this in diagnostics under the OPC Subsystem of the server, if you are not sure.

    If you need an OPC client connected, can you provide details on the architecture?

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    OPC client is connected. In the diagnosis of DeltaV, the following:

    user: ias_user

    App: C:\ProgramFiles\DAServer\FSGGateway\Bin\FSGateway.exe


    PNTS: 460

    SeverType: SIMPLEX

    ServerState: Runnig

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    My research suggests the error may be depicting that some of the data cannot be accessed.  Are you able to read/write anything from the client?  According to diagnostics, it looks like you have 460 points established.  I assume you have some bad tag references in your client configuration, or your licensing is insufficient on the App station OPC server (which will refuse client read/writes beyond license).  How many tags is your app station licensed for?

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    We are able to read/write anything from the client. App station licensed for 750 tags
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    So the Archestra FSGateway client is able to read and write every tag configured? If client is functioning, are you concerned about the error message nevertheless?