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Connecting DeltaV OPC Server and Matrikon OPC Server

We have connected the Matrikon OPC Server to our DeltaV OPC Server through a Cisco Firewall.

From DeltaV OPC Server, we're unable to ping our Matrikon OPC Server and vice-versa. Also, we're unable to see the Matrikon OPC Server in the DeltaV OPC Server using OPCWATCHIT and in the DeltaV OPC Mirror.

According to the System Administrator, it's not allowed for external machine (in our case, the Matrikon OPC Server) to ping the DeltaV OPC Server and vice-versa.

Was he correct or not?

If yes, then how can the DeltaV communicate with the Matrikon?

Do we need to configure the DCOM on the Matrikon OPC Server or not necessary?

If yes, can we use the same procedure in configuring the DCOM for Windows 7 Enterprise to our Windows 7 Professional machine (OS of Matrikon OPC Server)?

What is the best solution so that we can establish the communication?

Thanks for your contribution.

  • It is correct to block ping traffic across a firewall.
    OPC DCOM through a firewall is hard to implement, I would install an OPC tunneller software on the Matrikon OPC Server and DeltaV OPC Server.
    Secondly as both are machines are OPC Server you will need a OPC Mirror to communicate between the two server, DeltaV OPC Mirror software can be used to fulfil this requirement.
  • Yes.
    I add that DCOM services across a network only works with machines belonging the same domain name AND a many many prayers.
    It can not works for non domained machines.
  • Thanks for your replies, sirs.
    The OPC communication is now working after I configured the DCOM and turned-off the windows firewall in the Matrikon OPC server.
    We have installed a Cisco FW in between the 2 servers.