DeltaV Operator Station | V13.3.1 | No Domain Usernames shown | No Data

Having some trouble with an operator station and hoping you guys can help me out.

We have an operator station that isn't showing any data values.  We could navigate through the screens, but there were no live values.
We found that the username was " <none> " so we attempted to login with one of the domain operator accounts.
Clicked on DeltaV Login but there were no usernames listed in the drop-down. (Domain was selected at the top)
Rebooted the machine - no luck.
For Windows, we logged in with multiple different domain credentials so we know it is authenticating, however, DeltaV Operate Run launches with a username of  <none>
If I click DeltaV Node status in the bottom right, I only have the ProPlus and this operator station listed.

 I have downloaded the operator station, re-run the workstation config, and removed/added the machine to the domain.
I can resolve host names to IP addresses and ping those addresses.
In Diagnostics, the Communication Connections List shows everything except for the proplus as unknown.  The state is ready and status is good.

At a loss and wanted to get some outside help before pulling out the base image jump drive.

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  • Were both the DeltaV Primary and Secondary network cables connected when you joined the Domain?
    Is this node downloaded from ProPlus?
    Are the other nodes flagged for download?
    Does yellowpagesdiag show any files being download to the workstation?
  • In reply to KeithStThomas:

    Yes, both networks were connected when i joined the domain
    Yes, this node accepts a download from the ProPlus without any issues
    The other nodes are not flagged for download in the ProPlus.
    yellowpages does not show anything being downloaded to the workstation. Just an announce every 10 seconds

    We copied the usert.scr from one operator station to another and it allows us to log in and out of deltav now but still no values and the node count is still just 2 on the affected operator station

  • The lack of User Names in the DeltaV log on is indicative that the workstation has not received the runtime database information found in the DVDATA/Download folder.  Specifically the USER.SCR file is either missing or empty.  

    These files are propagated via the Auto Update Service (Yellow pages).  

    The affected node should be appearing in the dialog and the Setup Data should be checked.  

    If the DeltaVAdmin user password has changed or is improperly set on the new station, that too can impeded transfer of files.

    You can copy the *.SCR files from the Pro Plus to the workstations DVDATA/Download folder as a short work around and confirm the console is able to work, but the reason for the failed transfer of files needs to be corrected as this is not a viable solution long term.

    Note, one of the files is called MOD.SCR, which provides module information to the console and without it, runtime communications would not work.  

    Andre Dicaire

  • In reply to Invalid String:

    Is the yellowpagesdiag from the ProPlus perspective or the workstation?
    Is the workstation enabled in the auto-update service?
  • In reply to Andre Dicaire:

    No idea how that got changed but the Setup Data and Device Files were not checked on the affected station.
    I checked them and clicked "set"
    We started seeing live data instantly.