How to download Engineering Assistant for 3051 Installation- URGENT PLEASE HELP

HI Guys,

I am going to apologise at the outset here and say that I am sorry for the cry for help- but HELP!!

I am in a remote location where phone is non-existent, but I am afforded some Satellite time for the internet.

I have a brand new 3051SMV to install in the next few hours, and I have used the address in the quick start guide but have not been able to get to a place where I can download a copy of Engineering Assistant.

I contacted the office that sold the meter to me (over 24 hours ago), with no response.

Does anyone have the link or can point me to the correct download address for getting this software?


Dave K

  • Dave,

    I'm extremely sorry for your inconvenience here. If you could reply with your contact info (mainly email), I can send you a large file with the Engineering Assistant Program free of charge.

    Thank you!


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