Coriolis CFM200 .

Dear all;

We are using CFM 200 Coriolis Meter connected to our DCS System via modbus. We are suspecting the measured values reported by the Coriolis meter.

We read the Alert: A103: Data Loss Possible when we connect to the device with Prolink III Basic Software.

1. How do we clear the above alarm

2. Is there a possibility to run the Smart Meter Verification (SMV) or other diagnostic feature?

3. We had a license for Prolink II; can we ask Micro Motion/Emerson for a replacement license to run Prolink III Pro?

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  • Hello Abdelhafid,

    This A103 alarm typically appears in one of two circumstances: 1) There is an issue with the power supply to the transmitter (or core processor if no transmitter is in service) (i.e. not enough power was present just prior to a power cycle to perform a complete shutdown routine); or 2) the transmitter or core processor is failing and needs to be replaced.  Issue #1 can occur in brown-out situations, or when the cables between a core and transmitter are not properly grounded and shielded.  Make sure the 4-wires connected to the core are separated from any other power cables, and that no high power equipment is in close proximity of the wires or the core.  If your power supply checks out okay, and the transmitter power to the core is good, cycling the power should clear the alarm.  If that doesn't work, unfortunately you'll need to replace the core processor.  

    Please contact if you have any more questions about this information.