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Emerson Exchange Virtual Series: Machine Automation Solutions Sessions Start Today

 Accelerate your digital transformation – improve operational performance, increase productivity and optimize efficiency. The January sessions of the Emerson Exchange Virtual Series start today, Jan. 5, so register to attend online for free this year. Get deep-dive perspectives and critical insights from leading automation experts on the future of automation and control, industrial edge control technology, HMI/SCADA, motion control and much more.

Sessions cover best practices, advanced technologies and informative case histories from your peers – you’ll learn how to bring control intelligence to the industrial edge, easily and affordably. The Emerson Exchange Virtual Series machine automation solutions sessions are held on Jan. 5, 7, 12 and 14 from 8:30-12:30 Central time and are 45 minutes each with a live Q&A.

Check out the sessions at-a-glance below and view the complete agenda here and register today for free!

At-a-Glance: Machine Automation Solutions at Emerson Exchange

  • PACSystems PLC & Industrial PC Roadmap
    Featuring Vibhoosh Gupta
  • How to Choose the Right Motion Technology (Servo vs. Pneumatic)
    Featuring Ajay Rana
  • How High Availability and Redundancy Solutions Deliver the Uptime You Need
    Featuring Dennis Shannon
  • Automation for Pipeline Controls - Edge Controls
    Featuring Jason Sulzener
  • High Availability PLC Solutions for Process and Machine Automation Applications
    Featuring Darrell Halterman
  • Start Small: Tackle Big Data Challenges with Industrial Edge Control Technology
    Featuring Derek Thomas
  • Using MTP to Improve Integration and Deployment Efficiency
    Featuring Keith McNab
  • The Role Automation Software: from IIoT to Plantwide Analytics
    Featuring Rich Carpenter
  • The Modernization of Dreams for ZERO Downtime
    Featuring Jorge Salibe
  • PACSystems Modernization – How Legacy PLC Solutions Beat Out the Competition
    Featuring Alan Mathason
  • How Modern HMI/SCADA and Visualization Tools Can Enhance your IIoT Strategy
    Featuring Rich Carpenter
  • Increase Reliability and Uptime with Industrial PCs and Industrial Displays Built for Harsh Environments
    Featuring Nishita Palkar
  • IIoT in Packaging Machines
    Featuring Chris Noble
  • Solve Customer Visualization Challenges with Machine and Plant-level HMI/SCADA
    Featuring Jill Burdette
  • OEM and Machine Builder Industry Forum
    Featuring Derek Thomas
  • Activate Industrial Edge to Improve OEE in Food and Beverage
    Featuring Silvia Gonzalez
  • Migrating from Genius to PROFINET with Minimal Downtime
    Featuring Darrell Halterman
  • Machine Automation Solutions Flexible, Scalable Automation Portfolio Overview
    Featuring Charlie Emerson
  • Integrated Motion Control for High Performance, High Precision Applications
    Featuring Alec Grainger
  • Implement PACSystems for OEMs and Machine Builders
    Featuring Derek Thomas
  • Better PLC Performance Through Modernization
    Featuring Darrell Halterman
  • Improve Mining Material Handling with Integrated PLC and Industrial Edge Control
    Featuring Charlie Emerson
  • Scale Your High Performance Motion Control Applications Without Degradation
    Featuring Jeff Leonard
  • Port of Virginia Container Handling Expansion with Automated-Stacking Cranes
    Featuring Jill Burdette
  • Maximize your Plant's Performance with Edge Analytics Hardware and Software
    Featuring John Margeson
  • Enhance Pipeline Operations and Monitoring with PLCs and Industrial Edge Control
    Featuring Denka Wangdi
  • Deploy Power Plant Controller (PPC) for Power Grid Variability in Wind and Solar
    Featuring Manish Sharma

More information on Emerson's PACSystems industrial automation and controls can be found here.