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It’s Time to Get Serious About Edge Analytics – at Emerson Exchange Virtual Series

 Everyone is talking about IIoT and edge computing, but now’s the time to get serious. At Emerson Virtual Exchange, you have a chance to dive into all the aspects of edge and IIoT, not as a distant dream, but as a practical reality to begin – or continue – now. Emerson Exchange Virtual Series is coming Jan 5,7,12 and 14 – bringing 25 exciting industrial automation sessions to your desk – virtual and FREE.

One of the essential sessions is titled “Maximize your Plant's Performance with Edge Analytics Hardware and Software,” Jan 14, 10:15am CT. This is an interactive analysis with a panel of IIoT and edge computing experts described like this:

Are you considering an IIoT project, but not sure where to start? Your journey starts with understanding the problem that you are trying to solve. Our panel of experts will give you guidance to help you select a project, scope the effort and associated cost, and discuss ways to calculate the return. We will cover key topics such as connectivity to equipment and to other systems; understanding the characteristics of data and methods to process and analyze it; and tools for visualization and reporting. Additionally, we will discuss how to determine the performance and security requirements of your system, in order to select and deploy the right edge hardware and system architecture. Finally, we will cover how to deploy your solution across a network of edge devices and manage it centrally.

Clearly, if you’re exploring or already deeply involved in IIoT projects, this is a session not to be missed. And there are many more.

Sign up for Emerson Exchange Virtual Exchange, and pick out the sessions that will move you ahead in 2021. We’ll (virtually) see you there.

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