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Solve Technology Problems Fast and Cost Effectively at Emerson Exchange Virtual Series

 You face a lot of business and technology challenges in the new year – and at Emerson Exchange Virtual Series, we’d like to help you make short work of many of them. For example, how about discussing the nitty gritty of approaching servo motion control with integration and scalability in mind? You won’t believe the problems that approach can overcome. Or how about a realistic, fast and cost-effective solution for modernizing your PLCs? You really can get next-generation performance without starting from scratch.

You’ll get this essential knowledge in just two of 25 practical, useful, transforming sessions that you can attend virtual and FREE at the 2021 Emerson Exchange Virtual Series. If you’ve never been to Emerson Global Users Exchange, it’s a professional experience not to be missed. Coming right up on Jan 5, 7, 12 and 14, these sessions span the range from inspirational vision to hands-on and how to.

Take a look at the agenda and plan to attend the sessions that will enhance your business momentum in 2021. And be sure to include:

  • Integrated Motion Control for High Speed, High Performance Applications – Jan 12, 11:00am CT
  • Better PLC Performance Through Modernization – Jan 12, 11:45am CT

Which sessions are you planning to attend?

More information on Emerson's PACSystems industrial automation and controls can be found here.