Movicon.NExT Enhances Supervision of Solar Power Plants

 The rapidly growing solar power industry is just one of many requiring supervisory control systems with the ability to oversee and monitor a wide variety of disparate systems. In the case of an operator of 11 photovoltaic power stations in South Africa and Brazil, they needed an inclusive platform for developing and implementing all the functions needed by the supervision system. Although the project goal was to revamp the supervision system, it still had to retain all the functions the previous software provided. The company chose to base the new systems on the Emerson Movicon.NExT TM SCADA platform, which can be used to monitor the state of inverters, photovoltaic strings, weather stations, network analyzers, meters and medium voltage cell switches, and regulate the power supplied by the system by controlling the inverters and power plant controllers.

To learn how the solar power company used the Movicon.NExT technology to improve their power control, analyze and visualize trends, improve communication with grid managers, and ultimately save money while improving performance, read this case study.