Water and Wastewater Plant Enhances Automation with Movicon.NExT™︎ to Control Water Quality and Energy Usage

 Critical applications such as potable and wastewater plants require stability and reliability in their control platforms, but also affordability and ease of use to accommodate a wide range of skillsets. At ISKI, the public utility responsible for water and wastewater in Istanbul, Turkey, the facility was in need of improved automation to gain better visibility and control of water quality and energy usage. MoviconTM SCADA was selected for a variety of reasons including its stability and reliability when using multiple communication drivers simultaneously. Movicon was also able to automatically import tags from different PLCs, which helped prevent errors and save a considerable amount of time during commissioning.

This flexibility was important because the plant now features more than 80 PLCs controlling a broad range of equipment and machinery, including filters, decanters, pumping stations and energy monitoring, all controlled and supervised by the Movicon SCADA system. Because of the system criticality and the plant's large footprint, Movicon.NExT supports 15 clients redundantly

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