Advanced Water/Wastewater Automation System Controlled by Emerson Movicon.NExT

 When an urban water system management company commissioned automation solution provider Intesis to fully automate their water and wastewater treatment centers, they needed a supervisory control platform that was equal to the advanced technology of the new automated telemetry solution. They selected Movicon.NExTTM plus HMI server to support the application. These systems oversee many widespread plants, consisting of purifiers, wastewater lifting stations, a groundwater lifting station and storage tank, and a measurement station at the opening end of the water distribution network. The Movicon SCADA system for each water treatment plant integrates the associated purification and water and sewage lifting systems, providing the telemetry and maintenance of all the plants under its control.

To learn more about how Movicon.NExT solved the unique challenges of this water and wastewater plant, check out this Proven Result.