DeltaV Live Script Action on User Login

Hello everyone.  In Operate, we have an OnChange event (variable on the toolbar) that fires on new logins and records the currently logged in user to a control module (named after the workstation) for reasons.  I'll need to reproduce this in DeltaV Live.  The trouble I'm having, of course, is the best way to react to the new login.  I've been trying string and multi-language string variables OnWrite, tying the value of the variable to a function which takes ENV.UserName(), but this isn't working.  I even tried a boolean variable and animating it's value to something like ENV.UserName() != prevUser (another string variable to manage the trigger).  I'm pretty new to Live, so I'm probably missing something.  What advice do you wise one's have?



  • In reply to Andre Dicaire:

    Ok gents. I got the trigger working. Noting that you can only animate a string using a function (Library Animation), I created a simple function that takes in a string and simply returns it. Doing that, I can pass in either ENV.UserName() OR pass in a datalink's .Value parameter (that's important) that is tied to ENV.UserName(). The later actually works a little better, since it doesn't respond to the temporary <none> user login that happens when changing users, that can cause a double-firing.