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Issue with Operator user login id

I am not able to login to Operator Station using OPERATOR user id? However, OS functions perfectly with Administrator user id. As we don' t want to keep OS in Administrator user, we have to use OPERATOR user id only. What could be the resolution?

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  • yatin.patel,

    it seems like your system is not fully configured yet, which basically means you should have your users account configured in DeltaV User Manager (associated to the chosen Windows groups as well as with the required DeltaV keys and areas) and the DeltaV workstations must be downloaded in DeltaV Explorer. Most probably, the built-in Windows Administrator account was used to install the DeltaV software and is set to be both a Windows and DeltaV administrative account, ideally this administrative account should have a different username - not 'Administrator', for security reasons. The built-in user accounts (e.g. OPERATOR, MAINTAINER, etc.) are fully available after a first download to the system, and this is true for DeltaV v13.3 and lower, since in fresh v13.3.1 installs the built-in user accounts are no longer available as out-of-the-box system accounts, but instead as templates and require system administrator intervention to be used as regular user accounts.

    I'd recommend you to check in Books-OnLine for references about how to configure the DeltaV user accounts. If your system was OK and you are now having issues to log in, then I'd suggest you to contact our Global Support Center (GSC) to help you resolve this problem.


    Alexandre Peixoto