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DeltaV OPC Events Server connection with third party OPC Client

I have a DeltaV Application station. OPC Events server license is assigned to this station. All the plant areas are assigned to the Alarm and Events subsystem of this Application station. From this station, when I launched OPCwatchit and try to see the available servers under "local machine", only OPC.DeltaV.1 is listed. There is no OPCAE server listed. The requirement is "a third party alarm management system has to get all the alarms generated in the DeltaV  DCS system". What are the additional settings needed to be done to meet the requirement?



  • OPCWatchit is a DA client only not A&E, use something like alarmclient or Matrikon explorer, that should show you A&E servers and allow you to subscribe to an event server.
  • Thanks Adrian. The other vendor tried by installing matrikon explorer on stations on both sides and tried to see the srver. Still no success, OPCAE server didn't show up. BTW, the deltav version is 9.3 and the OS is server 2003. The other party station has server 2008 as OS.
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    I find it useful to start troubleshooting locally first and verify A&E is working before trying from a remote machine, that way you remove any potential hurdles with DCOM. If that works successfully, then try it from the remote machine. What user are you logged on as when running the client, is it a user with DeltaV access (the A&E client will use the currently logged on user to make a connection)? Do you see DvOPCAE.exe in the processes list (taskman)? Have you checked DCOM settings for DvOPCAE?

    A&E is generally the easier part of OPC to get working, but if you do struggle, try using OPCExpert and see if it can point you as to where the issue is.
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    Hi folks

    Remember that DCOM technology to access a remote OPC server only works with machine declared in DOMAIN.