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CMF200 with Transmitter 1700I cable


We have CM sensor CMF200A420NCAAEZZX_20312MCREHTWGSPPK with Tx 1700I13ABAEZZZ
This is supplied for high temp. with flex cond. cable of 4ft to connect the CM sensor with its Tx.

Upon checking at site condition, we required the bigger cable length, however while checking with Emerson team, surprisingly the bigger cable is not possible and we required to purchase complete new sensor with its transmitter.

That's sound strange that for one cable complete unit need to be re-purchased?

Could you please explain in detail?



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  • Hello Tejas - the length of the high temperature umbilical conduit is not customizable. However, the location of the transmitter can be moved from the end of the umbilical to a remote location up to 1000 ft away from the sensor. Please contact your local Emerson Flow Service team to receive a service quote to have the integral 1700I transmitter retrofitted as a 1700R, and replace the transmitter mounting on the umbilical with a core-only housing instead (with terminals for a 4-wire connection to the remote transmitter). I hope this helps. Jared