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how can do PM for FT type Coriolis meter Rousmont 

  • Hello Abdullah, I'm not sure I understand your query. PM typically stands for "Positive Material" identification (PMI), which requires specialized examination equipment not manufactured by Emerson (namely X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF)). However, this is typically not necessary for meters already in the field, as the materials of the sensor can be identified by the full model code. If a material issue is suspected, Micro Motion can provide PMI testing at most of our manufacturing locations around the world. Please contact your local sales office for details.
  • Hi Abdullah, do you means preventative maintenance?
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    Yes that I mean
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    My question is how and steps do preventative maintenance for this type FT
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    Coriolis meters are not expected to drift or change calibration factors during their lifespan, but of course this doesn't always hold in real world use. The easiest way to confirm your meter is working as well as it did when it was first manufactured is to run Smart Meter Verification (SMV). With a passing SMV result, no further action is required. If your meter is not equipped with SMV, please refer to a previously distributed paper hosted on this same Exchange Server: Feel free to reach out to with any specific questions you may have about your meter or services available in your area.
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