Water cut with Coriolis Meter

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what is the accuraccy in the water cut measurement when I use Coriolis meeter with NOC? 

  • The accuracy of the water cut calculation from a Micro Motion Coriolis meter equipped with Net Oil software is fairly complex function of the uncertainties of the raw data inputs - including the accuracy of the dry oil density, the water density, the meter's density calibration accuracy, and any free gas or solid contaminants (like sand). In general, the best accuracy can be achieved when the density of the oil is significantly different than the density of the water, the water cut is low relative to the amount of oil, and the free gas content is minimized . It's possible to achieve ±0.25% accuracy on the water-cut calculation, but more typically other compounding errors contribute to higher uncertainty. I'd encourage you to reach out to your local sales representative to discuss your particular application. We have tools that can estimate the meter performance across varying process conditions and fluid properties. www2.emersonprocess.com/.../Contact.aspx.