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Multipath SeniorSonic Model 3400 USM Hardware Fail Alarm

I am a Metering Specialist and I work in Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited. We have Multipath SeniorSonic Model 3400 USM on our gas export metering line.


We have been noticing a gradual reduction of our daily totals and checks carried out on our production showed that our crude oil daily production still within what is expected, however, a gradual but steady reduction in the gas daily total.


I have a hardware failed alarm which has been there since 30th December. This we have had a number of times in the past. What we do when this alarm comes up was to interface the USM using the Daniel CUI application and do a reset and thereafter a download of the maintenance logs, trends and diagnostic information. I can tell if this hardware failed alarm can contribute to reduction in gas daily totals.


Additionally, one of the chords has failed for almost a year now. This is resulted two permanent alarm on the metering HMI (Chord C Warn and Chord C VOS Deviation Alarms). We have plans to get a new USM which will be used to swap the existing one, at interval specified by our regulators. I would like to know if this chord failure can affect the gas measurement.


Finally, I tried connecting the USM with the CUI program on my PC but unable to connect. I checked my cable and confirmed okay.I am afraid I have exhausted all my ideas about this.


I would be very grateful to have you support on all these issues discussed.


Thanks in advance for your support.




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