What is a pilot bore?

Is this a MUST to provide when customer orders a blank plate?

What will be the effect of customer boring themselves if not provided with a pilot bore during purchased?

  • Question No. 1

    A pilot hole is drilled in all 10” and larger DVS Bonded Orifice Plates.  The purpose of the pilot hole is to insure the following:

    a) Concentricity

    b) Eliminate the mold from floating during bonding

    c) Facility orifice plate centering during set up prior to the boring process

    Smaller Non-Bonded BLANK orifice plates do not require pilot holes however the following applies:

    a) The Daniel Name & Logo will be XXX out.

    b) Daniel does not warrant the plate

    c) Daniel will not guarantee the orifice plate to be in compliance with AGA 3 / API 14.3 standard