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3051SFC Orifice Plate Change Potential

Hi Everybody,

Love this place, as it is my ultimate help centre.

I have some 3051SFC conditioning compact orific meters for DN50 Sch 80 pipe that currently have a 0.65 beta.

I am currently at the low end of my range 3 transmitter, and so to boost the DP (kPa), I was thinking of just remounting the transmitters to the smaller 0.4 beta orifice (I have used the daniel orifice flow calculator and a 0.04 kPa DP on 0.65, is above 0.34kPa DP on 0.4 beta for the same process conditions.

This obviously takes the noise out of my current lower flow readings.

So the questions:

1. Is this possible? (My training says yes, but may need a recal to ensure meter reads correctly).

2. Does someone know the ballpark cost and time to do this (per meter- I have up to 5 that I would be doing a rotational replacement on?)

3. Is it field replaceable or factory return work?

Your help is greatly appreciated.



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  • Hi Kitndavj,

    What you're suggesting is absolutely possible. You would order a Rosemount 405 model number (primary element only, your local representative can help with the exact model number) and remount the transmitter to the new primary element with smaller beta. Cost would have to also come from your local representative.

    It is recommended that the transmitter mounting be done in an Emerson service center to ensure no DP shift. The replacement could also be done in the field, but a small DP shift is possible due to the bolting stresses.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Best Regards,