Micromotion coriolis F200 flow meter

We have acquired two pieces of mocromotion Coriolis flow meters model F200 and F300, both with 1700 transmitters from an auction in Europe.

We have mounted the F200/1700 vertically upwards on a 2” stainless steel pipe which is used to transfer fruit juice from one tank to another. While the batches of the juice are prepared carefully with precisely known weights, the flowmeter however is not reading correctly. For 5 test batches the deviation in weight were 4%, 1.3%, 4.84%, -2.99% and 7.77% respectively.

I have no idea if the flow meter needs any maintenance or calibration. I have to mention that the pump transferring the liquid juice through the flow meter is of piston type and some pulsating vibration is noticed in the piping and on the F200 itself.

I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me on how to solve the problem

Thank you


Beirut, Lebanon

  • In reply to Vicken:

    Hi Vicken.

    I'd like to join the conversation and I hope I might be able to help. From the description you shared, it seems possible that some or most of the problem might be due to bubbles of air in the juice. If this is the case, the best thing you can do to improve the accuracy is to increase the back pressure of the juice as it passes through the meter. If you have a valve downstream of the meter, try closing it some and see if the problem goes away. Pressure drop across the valve will increase making the pressure of the juice inside the meter higher. At higher pressure, any bubbles will shrink or disappear entirely. I can't promise you this will solve the problem entirely, but this technique has proven to be very effective many times in the past.

    The orange and green lights are a good clue that this may be the problem and if you can access the diagnostic variable called "drive gain" this is another very good indicator of air bubbles. Every time air bubbles pass through the meter the drive gain will increase quickly. If it ever gets close to 100% drive gain, that is a sure sign you have a significant amount of air bubbles in the juice.