FEI Foods Goes “Beyond SCADA” in Automating Their New Plant Using Movicon.NExT Platform

 For a company that had been so busy meeting demand they couldn’t slow down to implement automation, just the prospect of installing a SCADA system in their new plant sounded like the solution to a lot of challenges. But they were informed enough to choose Movicon.NExTTM software for their plant and got way more than they expected.

The Movicon.NExT platform interconnects all the new automation equipment over the factory data communication network. In addition, it interfaces with the FEI Foods’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) and inventory control systems, as well as printing, labeling and applicators. This enables automatic production declarations to be performed at the end of every batch. To eliminate the inefficiency and inconvenience of a manual inventory system, which their previous facilities had used, Emerson worked with PLATCON to develop a webservices interface to allow the Movicon.NExT platform to communicate with the inventory control system. And that’s just the beginning.

To learn how FEI Foods went beyond SCADA functionality to increase their production output, improve its OEE and more, this article in Food Manufacturing shares more details.

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