Trying to Balance Company Value with Sustainability Pressures and the Skills Gap? Read This.

 Do you read the popular blog from Emerson’s Jim Cahill called Automation Experts? Here’s an interesting interview with Emerson’s Thishen Naidoo, where he speaks with Jim about his observations on automation in the mining industry, and how they apply to so many different industries. Those observations are also captured in the on-demand webinar, “Unlocking a New Era of Mining with Edge.”

Thishen says, “Mining, like all major industries, faces the need to balance shareholder value and sustain profitability with an increasingly stringent environment and societal pressure to operate more sustainably, as well as the all-too-familiar rising skills gap and fluctuating market demand. It’s a tightrope.” He then goes on to talk about how edge technology is solving so many of these critical issues in mining.

Chances are you’ll find advice and tips in this blog post that apply to your application. Be sure to check out Thishen’s interview on Automation Experts today, and register to watch the on-demand webinar, “Unlocking a New Era of Mining with Edge”!