Highly Graphical Movicon HMI/SCADA Customer Experience Sets Machine Builder Apart from Competitors

 The need for differentiation and uniqueness in their marketplaces is a priority for every systems integrator and machine builder. One such company, Sipro, a copper winding manufacturer, had been employing an HMI that was not graphical in design and, as a result, was complex to use. In addition, the HMI had limited process analysis or historization capability. Sipro turned to Emerson and the unique graphical HMI of MoviconTM software. The end result of this selection is summed up by Sipro customer service manager Luca Rovaris who says, “The beautiful, user-friendly and eye-catching vector graphics of the Movicon HMI/SCADA set our machines apart in the world of copper winding.”

To learn more about Sipro’s industry-wide search for the right solution and how they went on to apply the Movicon-based system for an electric motor manufacturer, read the case study here.