Emerson Helps Reduce 14 Million Tons of CO2 in MegaScale Solar Plant

 When we talk about our machine-level PACSystemsTM and MoviconTM solutions, we often emphasize the ability to start small and scale as needs and budgets expand. On the other hand, sometimes our solutions start very big! Emerson had the opportunity to solve the substantial problems of ruggedness and scalability along with performance in the creation of one of the world’s largest solar plants. The power company wanted to spread the solar farm across 14 sq. km of remote, harsh geography registering ambient temperatures from -2oC to 52oC. Starting big, the technology solution also had to be able to scale farther without losing functionality, plus cybersecurity was an issue in assuring reliable service to over two million people. Emerson became the OEM partner, engineering and implementing the solution including integration to over 8,000 external devices.

To learn how Emerson was able to master the challenges of this world-class project contributing to the reduction of over 14 million tons of CO2 annually in this case study.