Define Your Edge Technology by Platform

 While everyone in industry today talks about the edge, people often mean different things by the designation. It’s easy to revert to the decades when the edge meant PLCs controlling machine level equipment and not much else. In fact, however, the modern edge has moved far beyond that definition. Users know that analytics, security, visualization, connectivity, IIoT capability, and a true connection between the operational technology and informational technology aspects of a plant can be achieved “at the edge.” But how? What should users look for and consider in order to realize the potential of modern edge technology? In a recent article in Control Engineering, Emerson’s Rich Carpenter says it’s vital that users not only consider what “things or pieces” of edge technology they need – hardware, software, cybersecurity and connectivity – but equally important, how well those pieces work together. He says users need an edge platform and should consider the best way to assemble or acquire such a platform to achieve the desired goals. He then goes on to define the five desirable attributes of an edge platform.

To learn more about these five edge attributes and how to assemble them, read the article here.