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Boost Your Expertise in Edge Technology and Digital Transformation – For FREE

 Have you ever been to Emerson Exchange? Or wanted to go but couldn’t fit in the travel and time? If so, you know that this event is one of the principal focuses of new thought, application innovation, and useful, “apply-it-today” ideas in industrial technology. You know what I’m going to say next, right? In 2021, Emerson Exchange is VIRTUAL and coming right up! And, as a contribution and investment in the strength of industrial automation by Emerson, this year it’s FREE to all qualified users and OEMs. Register today!

We’re thrilled to tell you that in the area of machine automation, edge technology, motion control, PLC/PAC solutions and more, there are 27 exciting sessions designed to solve problems for you and launch your business forward in 2021. Below are just a few samples. We’ll be back with more.

  • How High Availability and Redundancy Solutions Deliver the Uptime You Need
    (Jan 5, 9:15am CT) – Start your working new year with solutions for data security and increased uptime! This hands-on product demonstration shows you how to quickly and easily enable redundancy capabilities in your PACSystems TM PLC applications. Also learn about how different high-availability options can benefit your control application and how to choose the solution that best fits your application uptime needs.

  • Start Small –Tackle Big Data Challenges with Industrial Edge Control Technology
    (Jan 5, 11:00am CT) – Edge control is redefining the traditional control model by bringing together OT and IT technology in a single solution capable of logic, data management and analytics. In this exciting session, you’ll learn new possibilities for tackling today's IIoT and digital transformation challenges by enabling customers to start small at a machine, scale to plant-wide analytics, and make manageable investments with a single platform. Don’t miss it!

  • The Role of Automation Software: From IIoT to Plantwide Analytics
    (Jan 5, 11:45am CT) – Learn the future of industrial integration using the industry standard MTP as a core technology to ease the burden of ensuring multiple products work seamlessly together. Among many solutions, MTP provides very simple ways for central control rooms to synchronize industrial data collection with controllers deployed in the plant.

These are just a few of the 27 sessions available to you on Jan 5, 7, 12 and 14. And for the first time, it’s FREE. Register now and clear some space to advance your business in 2021.