DeltaV gave Windows error "Not enough storage is available to process this command"

Please some one here to solve this issue

Workspace.exe memory keep raising until memory out of space.Temporary  resolve this issue, we close the workspace programme and re-open back.

Initial workspace usable memory is as below:

Memory out space

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  • You should contact your local Emerson Service company to get assistance. I assume with you still running v11.3.1 that you do not have Guardian Support and cannot call the GSC for assistance. Impressive that you still have the system running as this was released in 2010.

    This looks like a resource issue on the computer. Are you running physical boxes or VM's? You can monitor the Memory, disk IO and CPU resources to see if there is a degradation or if you have a high usage. (low free disk space). But finding someone familiar with 14 year old OS and Software will likely be difficult. The GSC database would likely have records of this issue and if a resolution exists. Contacting your Emerson service provider to get some assistance reviewing the v11.3.1 history may reveal a solution.

    What has changed since this behavior started? If you are able to correlate the behavior to a change in software or configuration, you might be able to undo that change and address this issue.

    Don't have an answer for this specific message.

    Andre Dicaire