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How to connect with Ovation DCS with Third party OPC Server

I want to get real-time data over OPC (Third Party OPC) from Ovation DCS.I have following question

1: Does Ovation DCS has any Built in OPC DA Server or any Separate OPC DA Server?

2:Is any Third Party OPC server can connect with Ovation DA server as an OPC Client?

3:Is there any License required for third party OPC Client to connect with Ovation OPC DA Server or not?

4:What type of License it required?OPC Client Count based or Tags Based if any?

5:What will be the estimated cost of License for 1 third party OPC client to connect with Ovation OPC DA server?

6:From where i can get Ovation OPC DA server Setup?

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  • Hi Ahmad - if you are an Ovation end-user, I highly recommend registering for an account on the Ovation Users' Group website. You'll find a couple of resources there to answer your question.

    First, the OPC Tools User Guide is located there, and I believe it addresses most, if not all, of your OPC related questions.

    Additionally, there is an Ovation Third-Party Connectivity Tool that helps guide users through their various connectivity options.