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DeltaV v11.3 Integration with Siemens Sinamics G120 Drives via Profibus DP

Hello Everyone!

We have coummunicated with Siemens Sinamics G120 Drives Via Profibus DP ,we are reading

Current Feedback - AI
RPM feedback-AI
Status Word-AI
Command Word-AO
RPM Setpoint-AO.
here, we are consuming 3 AI and 2 AO DST's.

Can We Save 1 AO and 1 AI DST from above Configuration by Modifying Command Word & Status Word ?

for that

Can we use only single Bit for Start Stop Command by changing PZD Configuration ? & Can we read single Bit for Status (Run/Stop Feedback)?

for ready reference i am attaching my control module Screenshot & Profibus device configuration Screenshot.for Details.screenshot.xlsx

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  • Any one hav exp with this...?  Please.

  • In reply to bhushan619:

    Yes, you can use single bit to start and stop your VFD. Another way is to use a Boolean fan in and use and external ref to trigger the on/off bit for the VFD from the command word. You will still need to use an AO dst for your VFD speed control. I see you have a Status word as well. I would use the Boolean fan out to see each status and display that on the operator interface.

    There is a change in dst licensing in DeltaV v12.3.1. DeltaV will only charges you 1 AO dst to do control for this drive. Your other dst (AI, DI, DO) will be at not charge. Note: you will need to send in your database for Emerson to recalculate your dst to credit you back the dst that you were charge in DeltaV v11.3.1. Talk to your Emerson Local Business Partner(LBP). He will know what to do moving to DeltaV 12.3.1.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


  • You can configure the signal on your port as Data Type Boolean with the same Byte Offset, but then with the exact Start Bit of your Start/Stop command and Num Bits set to 1. In that case you do not need the BFI, but can reference the Start/Stop bit directly in your module.

    As Tinh mentioned for DeltaV 12 it doesn't save DST licenses.