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DeltaV Excel Add-in

Hi, has anyone any experience using the DeltaV Excel Add-in to AUTOMATICALLY write values to a module? without having to click the manual update button in the menu bar? if so I would be interested in seeing your vbscript. I've copy and modified the DeltaV Excel Add-in vba code and am having some intermittent issues.

1) A message about having no time interval set, so a default of 0 will be used.

2) A message about having no cells selected that contain DeltaV write functions. I seem to get this if I save my excel spread sheet with a range a cells selected that don't contain the DeltaV write function.

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  • Hi Stuart,
    I was wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem and if you could share the solution. I am having a similar problem but I can't even get to the Deltav Excel Add-in VBA code and modify it. Would you mind sharing the folder where that code is saved in the file system? Thank you,
  • In reply to Pierre:

    I tried to poke around this last night, it does not seem like it is possible with this latest version of DeltaV Excel Add-in.

    Of course you can "hack" it but not in the usual do it from VBA code.