Control Modules - Parameter Values saving/uploading

Hi all,

     We had a recent project to install a new UPS that was attached to part of our DCS.  This section did not have a redundant power feed, so power was lost to the controllers in this section for about an hour.

Once power was restored, the system/controllers that lost power came up and did not have problems, except that values within various control modules were not as they were before the power loss.  I had uploaded all controllers before the power loss, and noticed there were Field values with numbers, but there were all asterisks in the Online Value field.

    I chose to uploaded everything, and noticed warnings during upload that not all were successful.

   So I'm trying to understand the scheme that's in place.  I think we need to capture these Online Values.

   In a nutshell, we would like to have an upload (which would be downloaded to the controllers and become the Powerup file?) that has everything.....PID tuning parameters, Alarms setpoints, variable values, etc.

   After our power loss, once the system was up, we had to spend some time changing some tuning parameters and variable values.  Would like to avoid this.


Ralph Kitts