GEM Timer Script not running

I created a GEM in DeltaV Live using the Emerson button object and have configured it to be either a momentary signal or a sustained toggle button. I have configured the GEM to have a dynamic label on the button depending on the state of the field parameter. In order to achieve the dynamic label functionality to show the correct value when a graphic is opened, I had to use a timer that runs a script. 

This script runs every 3 seconds to update the label. I have since created a different GEM that contains the GEM described above. In the newly created GEM, the label scripting is not running. I can put the button GEM on a graphic along side the new GEM and the labels on the buttons don't match. 

Short of using a standard button and recreating all of the functionality for the new GEM, is there something that I am missing that is preventing the timer script from running on the button GEM contained within the new GEM?