PHV trend minimizing off screen

Whenever I minimize a PHV window it seems to disappear.. i can ALT+TAB to it but it doesn't come back and it does not show up at the bottom of any screen (quad monitor 2x2). I also can't use the DeltaV Operate switch window. Only thing I can do is switch to it then hit ALT+SPACE which will bring up the menu for window operations and I can then hit Maximize and the window comes back. I've had this problem in the distant past. The window is minimizing off screen.

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  • I am facing the same issue on one of my engineering stations (also quad head station, v14.LTS, FP2). I thought of checking the registry parameters of the machine but due to a lack of time I wasn´t able to do so ...

    Stefan Müllner
    Senior Plant Engineer - Automation & Systems


  • In reply to Stefan Muellner:

    turns out they recently changed out monitors and the PHV used to be located on that monitor. So, the application was confused and kept trying to open and minimize to the screen that was not there anymore. I used the ALT+SPACE then selected MOVE and was able to use the cursors to move the window back onto the visible screen.