Emerson 770 Foundation Fieldbus USB interface - PACTWare

I would like to use Emerson 770 Foundation Fieldbus USB Interface Modem with PACTWare software for other than Emerson LIT. Does Emerson have DTM files that can use the Modem VEGA or E&H or Magnetrol transmitter to be connected to PACTWare. 

I have PACTware software and 770 FF USB interface modem. 



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  • The commDTM for the USB Fieldbus Interface is here:

    The deviceDTMs for other field instruments must be downloaded from their respective manufacturer's website
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    Thanks for your reply, Yes, I found these files from emerson website, installed on my machine. With these files, model can read transmitter but transmitter DTM files are not opening i.e. I am not able to configure transmitter parameters. Only limited parameters can be seen with these file. There is something missing in between third party transmitter, PACTware and this modem.
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    Just to be clear, there are three kinds of DTMs in the FDT/DTM concept:
    -commDTM for the protocol
    -gatewayDTM for the interface
    -deviceDTM for the device (field instrument)

    The 770 is an FF interface. Therefore the package you downloaded for 770 only contain commDTM for FF and gateway DTM for the 770 itself.

    The deviceDTM you must download separately from the instrument vendor's website. The deviceDTM is the one that will enable you to see all the information for the device. Without the deviceDTM for the specific device you will see little or nothing in your FDT frame. Did you do this step already?