license for interface between AMS and DeltaV

Hello everone.

I was wondering How can I load license for interface between AMS and DeltaV?

warmest thanks.

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  • Hi Moeen,

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    What I understand from your query that you want license the AMS Device Manager to interface with DeltaV as field devices are connected to DeltaV.

    Hope my understanding is correct & based on that sharing below suggestion.
    Click on Windows start-->AMS Device Manager-->Licensing Wizard--> License AMS Device Manager Welcome window--> Next-->Enter Disk Serial Number & Computer Name if nor picked automatically-->Next-->Browse--> select license file stored on file path (C-->AMS-->Db-->License)-->select License file-->Next-->Validation process will happened internally--> Message-License Successfully installed--> means AMS Device Manager License successfully.

    To add interface of DeltaV follow below steps:
    Click on Windows start-->AMS Device Manager-->Network Configuration-->Network Configuration Window will appear-->Add-->Available all network component will display in another window-->Select DeltaV Network-->Install-->Next-->Name the Network as you desired-->Enter DeltaV ProPlus Name & DeltaV Admin Password-->Verify Computer Connection-->select all supported devices-->Advanced window High address to be entered if using PROVOX I/O (in this case Low & High Address "0"--> Finish--> will add network in Network Configuration.

    Hope this helps you.
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