replacing failed ows

Dear All

i have recently installed deltav 14.31 on DCS system porplus as domain and 12 operator work stations  and one engineering 

recently one ows hdd failed

i am unable to reinstall system from beginning as I am out of gradian

Do any one have a solution for this

considering if I got image from one OWS the restore on another new machine then use Deltav workstation configuration tool to rename the the domain recognizes this and blocks the original one from log on

which means i ll lose the running one and could not reconnect it to the domain

any help will be appreciated


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  • I had a similar experience recently and what you suggest should be fine. A few gotchas to watch out for:

    • If FlexLock Desktop Autoswitch is enabled on the machine you create the image from, then it will likely be stuck to enabled when you restore the image on the new computer. If you are able, make the image with Desktop Autoswitch disabled. If you aren't able, then you have to modify the registry of the restored PC before booting up to disable desktop autoswitch (see KBA NK-2100-0366 for more information).
    • You are correct about the domain issues. Make sure the PC that the image was made from is completely disconnected from the domain before connecting the new PC to it. If even for a moment, both machines are connected, then you will lose domain trust on both of them. You will also have issues with DeltaV communication (Operate/Live).
    • The image needs to be recent, if it exceeds the domains tombstone life, then you will not have domain trust on the restored PC.
    • You will need a local admin account on the restored PC in order to change its name and re-join it to the domain. You might have to rejoin the PC that the image was made from as well. If that's the case, you will need a local admin account for it as well.

    The above is not all inclusive, but a few of the issues I remember encountering. But long story short, it can be done and I've done it. Better to have a unique image of each machine when running on a domain. Makes the restoration process much easier (with the exception of the Autoswitch bug).

  • In reply to JoshC:

    Thanks for your response
    point 1 is ok for me as I can disable autoswitch.
    point 2 as i understand i need to leave the domain then take the image then restore then change name then rejoin the domain for both machines (one by one)
    please correct me if I'am wrong
    point 3 even if i'll make image for each machine. image needs to be recent???
    this means i need to take image for all machines monthly? or what do you recommend?
    point 4 the local admin is the same admin account when on domain. but the issue here it will work only when i leave the domain and change the machine to workgroup. other wise the machine wont logon locally with windows access.
    Is there is any means to take complete image using acronis or any software installed on a any machine on the network and the system is up and running?
    I mean can acronis run under windows and take image of any running machine on the network without shutting it down and boot using acronis bootable CD or USB?
    sorry for many questions

    Changing node name by deltav workstation configuration or just change name and IPs?

    or change name and ip then join domain then run workstation configuration

  • In reply to JoshC:

    Dear All
    Thanks I got image for all ows