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Adding Rosemount 1420 Wireless HART Gateway to MIMIC

I have a DeltaV 12.3.1 system with a Mimic 3.8.0 simulator.

I am adding a Rosemount 1420 Wireless HART Gateway to my system.

Is there a simple way to add it to the Mimic simulator without having to go through re-generation using FHX Utility?

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  • I have used the FHX utility to add a Rosemount 1420 Wireless HART Gateway Railbus I/O definition, but I can't make it communicate with the controller to which it is assigned. All of the device tags from the DeltaV system show up in the I/O definition. My development lab has a real controller for each controller in the facility. Each controller is connected to a VIM to simulate the I/O. How do I need to connect to the controller to simulate the gateway? We have tried connecting another VIM, with the gateway definition that Mimic produced, to the controller that the gateway is assigned to, and everything looks OK in Mimic, but no data is transferred to DeltaV.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • I am a product manager for the gateways in the wireless group. I'd be happy to help further with this question. Please email me directly at Jacob.smedsrud@emerson.com
  • In reply to Jacob Smedsrud:

    The issue he is describing is for simulating of the device using mimic or any other method in an offline Digital Twin/Operator Training System and not an issue with an actual device.

    Hopefully this can be addressed in this online forum for others to see if they ever have the same issue.